First Fun Flashcards ABC by Belinda Gallagher

First Fun Flashcards ABC

Book Title: First Fun Flashcards ABC

Publisher: Miles Kelly

ISBN: 1782091165

Author: Belinda Gallagher

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Belinda Gallagher with First Fun Flashcards ABC

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FIRST FUN FLASHCARDS ABC are designed to engage toddlers and help them to learn their alphabet through play. The set includes 27 double-sided alphabet cards in a card box. Every alphabet card shows a familiar example to allow your child to then use the words one everyday life. The thick cards are made from durable material to limit damage after continuous play. The instruction card is full of ideas to inspire you to help your child to learn through play. First Fun Flashcards ABC contains 27 double-sided cards, each with a different alphabet letter in its upper and lower case form on one side. On the other side, there's a picture example and sentence, such as 'f is for fish' to encourage letter and word recognition in a fun, practical way. Packaged in a durable card box, these fantastic alphabet flash cards are ideal for using at home and while travelling. Features of First Fun Flashcards ABC: The easy-to-read text and bright, colorful images encourage kids to learn the alphabet and build vocabulary. A mixture of images are used from basics such as 'apple' to more complex objects such as a 'vase' to stimulate a child's curiosity and expand vocabulary. The pack includes a double-sided instruction flashcard. On one side are ideas for learning games that support basic letter and word recognition. On the other side is the complete alphabet. These alphabet flash cards are made of sturdy material and are the perfect size for small hands. Ideas for how to use First Fun Flashcards ABC: Put the cards into alphabetical order. Pick a card and think of words that start with that sound/letter. Sort the cards into curvy letters and letters with straight lines. Point to a letter on the full alphabet card and find the matching letter card.